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Why setting goals is important for happiness

Happiness is a hotly contested topic. Everyone wants to be happy, but few can say exactly what happiness is, or how to achieve it. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle may have had the best answer. Aristotle argued that happiness is not a state but an activity. The activity he had in mind was living by reason.

That’s why we introduce you to the Practical Happiness App. It’s a go-to app for anyone who’s trying to level up in their life. It’s the best self improvement apps 2023.

We all want to be the best version of ourselves, achieve the optimum health and fitness goals, gain knowledge in a variety of topics, earn wealth, maintain our relationships, and so on. But we somehow lack in one or the other area of our life because we tend to focus on 1–2 only.

Practical Happiness App simplifies everything for you that are the reason why it is the best self improvement apps free. The theory of practical happiness is based on dividing life into seven categories. Each category has its own benefits and goals that we should strive to achieve:-

  1. Health
  2. Security
  3. Learn
  4. Work
  5. Money
  6. Others
  7. Self

Aristotle believed that the key to happiness is learning to control our emotions and train our reason to guide our choices. This is not easy, but it is the only way to find true happiness.

In a similar way, if these areas of your life do not develop evenly, life will not run smoothly and will not be convenient in some categories. To live a balanced life with harmony, you must set goals and work towards them.